Computer Offer Price

What type of IT equipment accept for trade in?

IT equipment accepted are Desktop Computer, Laptop Notebook Mackbook, Monitor & Screen, Hard Disk & Solid State Drive, RAM DIMM & SODIMM, Power Supply Unit, Graphic card, Phone & tablet, Printer, Projector, Cable and etc


Can i sell second hand computer without description and detail?

Our Value Offer are base on computer model and specification. Without spec description and condition detail, offer will made base on material recycle value (mean price will lower than those have description and detail)


What condition of IT equipment can be trade in?

We aceept all type of working condition IT equipment with perfect outlook. For outlook or casing defect item, offer price would be lower than perfect condition item.


My computer & IT equipment are quite old, can i still trade in here?

Old computer are still accepted here as long as meet our recycle requirement. Anyway, older age equipment that more than 6year old would have much lower offer value compare to newer computer. 


My computer & IT equipment are faulty and not function, can i still recycle it?

Yes, we accept faulty and not function IT equipment for material recycle.


How much money i can get for trade in computer?

Offer price for computer would determine by initial value of item, minus depreciation yearly. its depend on current condition of IT equipment as well, outllok condition and functional perfect are important to maintain the computer value.


What different with other recycle company?

You can get compatitive offer here compare to other. We buy computer with higher price because most of IT equipment we collect would be resell back to lower tier consumer market. Therefore IT equipment would recycle reuse and reduce electronic pollution.